X: Twitter’s rebrand

Oktober 2023

The implications of Twitter’s rebrand for healthcare marketing: Will ‘X’ Mark the Spot for Pharma Advertisers?
It’s been approximately 10 months since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for $44 million, and pharma marketers have weighed their options carefully during that time, exploring alternative options that will best serve their customers.
With Musk’s intention to clean up after the acquisition, especially in content moderation, Twitter should have served as a safe and effective space for pharma advertisers. But the “clean-up” was messy. When speaking with any advertiser in pharma during this period, the most common fear centered around content moderation. With Musk letting go of 50% of its existing Twitter workforce immediately, and up to an estimated total of 70% to 80% since the takeover, content moderation fell by the wayside.
Will ‘X’ Mark the Spot for Pharma Advertisers? (pharmexec.com)