The Comeback of Unbranded Campaigns

September 2021

Vaccines spotlight recent resurgence of useful messaging tool.

A May 16 Wall Street Journal article discussed how COVID-19 drugmakers are taking to social media, radio, and even late night TV to address vaccine hesitancy. Moderna chose Jimmy Kimmel, aka “Dr. Jimmy,” as one of its advocates to educate the viewing audience about mRNA technology.

Pfizer took a bit of a different route, with ads touting science and using the power of empathy and the human experience to appeal to the audience.

Two exceedingly different approaches! With one similarity…they are both unbranded campaigns.

When it comes to advertising in the pharma vertical in general, most are of the opinion that it isn’t exactly the most beautiful form of communication. Creatives and marketing professionals invariably have their hands tied behind their backs as they seek to craft smart, effective, and visually appealing solutions without breaking the rules, which are incredibly stringent.

The Comeback of Unbranded Campaigns (