Social Media’s Complex Climb

März 2023

As new channels enter healthcare conversation mix, engagement strategies are changing.
Pharma social media advertising has been trending in the news as of late as a “blue check” snafu occurred on the newly-owned Elon Musk version of Twitter. Under the Twitter Blue program introduced by Musk, a supposed blue check-verified Ely Lilly post stated that the company was offering free insulin. It was a hoax, and because of a relatively slow response by an understaffed Twitter and by Lilly, real-world consequences emerged in the form of a stock plunge that didn’t recover for the better part of a month. The fallout as well as the loss of confidence in Twitter as a marketing vehicle has been pivotal as most large pharma organizations and partnering agencies have paused campaigns, labeling Twitter as a high-risk buy, and rightfully so. It’s an enormous, politically charged project that’s off to a bit of a rocky start for Musk.

About Twitter, Zoom – and what about patients?

Social Media’s Complex Climb (