Sharing the Science: Pharma’s Content Evolution

Oktober 2021

How the sharing of scientific content with HCPs is shifting in an era of accelerated digitalization.

„Healthcare professionals (HCPs) have always wanted scientific content, but I think it’s fair to say that the industry has not always delivered on the challenge of providing it,” says Jan van den Burg, CEO of Tangent90, a company that creates solutions to support pharma companies in their digital engagement with HCPs. What HCPs have typically received has leaned more toward promotional content, he adds. But with digital activities boosted by COVID in the last 18 months, pharma companies have found themselves more compelled to deliver on customer centricity. There is a shift now, says van den Burg, toward more scientific communications. “We are seeing about 800 clinical papers being shared by each company; that equates to about a million clinical papers being shared collectively.”

Sharing the Science: Pharma’s Content Evolution (