Navigating Disruption in the Metapharma Era

April 2023

While the life sciences industry has traditionally been shaped by large pharmaceutical companies, there are several transformational forces that are shaping the metapharmaera—the next stage of life science market innovation for large and mid-size pharmaceutical and emerging biopharma (EBP) organizations. This is due to the growing segment of EBP companies, a rising innovation start-up ecosystem, big tech’s investments in digital health, and the convergence of life sciences with the healthcare industry for offering holistic personalized care.
The life sciences sector is growing, but the increase is projected to slow down while launch challenges, customer engagement, and broad disruption trials continue to persist. Digital transformation and AI technologies deliver tangible proof points on how to rise to these challenges. Embracing innovation is the key ingredient for success in the metapharma era.

Navigating Disruption in the Metapharma Era (