How to Connect with HCPs More Effectively

Mai 2023

Improving connectivity with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and delivering a personalized customer experience is more important than ever, but it is also more challenging.

Data from a recent US study conducted by Across Health shows a significant shift in HCP behavior between 2019 (pre-COVID-19) and 2022 (post-COVID). HCPs reported changes in both their level of engagement across channels (reach) and the effect on their clinical decisions or prescribing behavior (impact). To achieve the best results, pharmaceutical companies and agencies need to leverage the optimal mix of online, offline, owned, and earned channels.

To effectively leverage digital engagement with DOLs, pharma needs to deeply understand the preferred platforms, extended reach, and impact of opinion leaders relevant to their brands. A balance of engagement planning with both traditional KOLs and emerging DOLs will ensure a brand’s message reaches and resonates with clinicians and patients no matter who they turn to, or where they look, for advice and information. This is especially important as we see more KOLs adopt digital media as a means of communication with their peers and patients, and as emerging DOLs rise to the rank of KOLs over time. Considering the data-rich environment in which we are immersed every day, creativity and innovation in medical communications will be firmly rooted in curating and analyzing the right types of data to mine for insights, engaging the right opinion leaders in the right way, and building optimal personalized experiences for HCPs.

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