Embracing Generative AI

Juni 2023

The new era of generative AI is poised to impact pharma marketing and engagement in powerful and lasting ways. But amid all the technological praise, what are the key considerations brand teams must navigate?

Ask any pharmaceutical marketer or strategist about ChatGPT or any of the more than 2,000 new artificial intelligence (AI) platforms introduced in the last three months, and you’ll get answers that range from, “This is the most amazing thing” to “I’m not sure how to use it effectively.” No matter how you feel about this shift in technology, it’s here, and it’s disrupting everything we know about marketing and engagement.
For the digital natives, there is wild optimism about where AI and machine learning can take us. It’s the science in “science fiction” that drives much of the enthusiasm for the possibilities. But everyone should approach AI with an eye on the potential dangers and share advice on how to avoid them as we navigate forward.

Embracing Generative AI: Why Its Disruption is Positive for Pharma (pharmexec.com)