A Success Story for a Brand and for Women

Juli 2023

Pharma advertisers are on a different playing field. Due to the rules that govern the industry, there’s a need to be clear, precise, and medically accurate while ensuring fair balance between risks and benefits. This often leaves little room for creative storytelling or innovation. Pharma creatives often pine for brave clients who are more willing to push the boundaries between risk and unrestrained creativity. While some medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) teams,offer more flexibility and help creatives walk on the edge and be a bit bolder, the majority tend to quash any inkling of risk. If you’re looking to push boundaries, you’re going to need the former. And here comes an extraordinary example of what can be done in terms of storytelling: Welcome To My Vagina!

A Success Story for a Brand and for Women: ‚Welcome to My Vagina‘ (pharmexec.com)